Summer Break - back in october!

Hey friends! I'd like to inform you that I'll take a little summer break, to calm down and get ideas for further episodes. The Sexy House Vibes Podcast will be back on october 2013! :-) I promise! Stay tuned fellows :-)


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Episode 45 includes great summer vibes

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Hell yeah, we're at the 44th episode of the Sexy House Vibes Podcast! This time with sexy summer vibes fresh from cologne city! Enjoy life people, don't waste your time. Friends! I am proud to present you an improved quality version of my Podcast! Since 2 weeks you're able to download the SexyHouseVibes with 256kbps. Now you can download it for free with 320 kbps on soundcloud for a better record of my sounds.

Episode 44 released today!

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The new soundcloud profile is growing, so it would be great if you're sharing my mixes further on. Of course you'll be able to download the mixes in iTunes, too. But there is a quality limit of 256kbps in cause of the high bandwith use.

I've prepared the new Micha Moor single called Duro, also the hot club banger Warmonger from Walden will be in episode 26. Denis The Menace, Sky'N'Sugar will present us their wonderful tune World In Your Hands and Burns is with Say Nothing on top of the mix. See the full playlist here. Hey there, it's getting more and more warm here! So it's time for a motivated progressive / house-mix. Episode 12 includes new sounds of Dimitri Vangelis, Zedd, Starkillers ft. Nadia Ali and other high talented artists. It's already the 15th of february! Time is running and we were moving into a new home. Our new mix station is the well known Cologne in Germany. And of course we bring you fresh house music althrough it's damn cold here in town.

House songs to listen on your first date

Most people have a plan over what to do on their first date with someone, but of course there can always be some ideas shortage and one can find himself stuck. ‘What to do?’ and ‘where to go?’ – these questions can repeat in your mind over and over without an answer to be found. It is well known that sometimes in order to stand out, the classic approach is the key for success. As such, maybe you should not worry as much for these stuff and simply go with the flow – the one thing you should care about would be the atmosphere.

House music – among the many forms of entertainment

Sometimes all you need is to let music set up the proper mood; and all you have to do is to be wise in your choice. Here is a tip for you: house music is what to play if a chill and relaxed atmosphere is what you are trying to get. The reason for this is the fact that house music has a distinctive beat to it – everybody is responsive to it, even though you don’t really have to pay attention to it, it just sinks beyond consciousness to the unconscious and makes you feel good.

A great example of situation in which house music comes in handy is while getting into the car with your escorts – the right beat for the right mood. The lyrics are there to conduct the rhythm and most of the times chorus are made of a single verse; it only makes easier to sing along with the others. Summer is the declared season of house mixes and every year a new compilation of best songs is released on the internet. A one hour mix is more than enough to create an intimate atmosphere between you and your escort; a personal recommendation would be the work of Feddie Le Grand or Hardwell’s music.

Most of their songs became hits and were played over and over on the radio – the more well-known is the song, the more it gets to its public. Or, if a rougher sound is for you and the cold metal machine excites you, then you can always try Sonny John Moore’s mixes, better known after his stage name – Skrillex. At the very least, that is what most London escorts listen to because it keeps you awake and your heart pumping all night long. A more classic sound can be brought by Daft Punk, an all - time favorite for many people across the globe.

So if you are killing your nerves over how to set up the mood with your date or your London escort from, there is little reason for worrying. House music the best alternative to a lot of other forms of entertainment – it keeps the conversation going without distracting people from it. Some genres are created to be profound and are somewhat ‘hard to digest’, but that’s not the case with house music – it’s just there to make you feel good.

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