Episodes - Why we enjoy house music

Some music is made to be profound and to be listened in quiet rooms as to feel all its nuances and shades of emotion. And that is great, but life itself does not come down only to those states of meditation and introspection, it is more turbulent than that. Most part of our lives is filled with moments of socializing, interaction or maybe anger and fury – those things do not require reason but merely some accompanying beats. And that is why house music came to be.

Bare necessities and simple sounds

Most people would complain that house music is too simplistic to be listened to, but my thought is that these unfortunate individuals tried it in the wrong circumstances. You know, there is a proper beat for a proper situation; there is no way one will not get hooked by the rhythm of the music in a night club and there is no way you can play Mozart in a night club – it is just the organic way that things are done.

House music ignites the conversation with the pretty girl next to you without distracting you from it, thus making it the ideal and natural choice for any successful party. This genre sets up the mood – no problem – and is easy to digest; it by no means in one’s incapacity to enjoy a more profound sound if he or she is into house music.

Thus goes my pleading against common view over house music; indeed is ‘easy’ and of course it does not go into deep emotions, but neither is every moment of a man’s life – and art (music in this case) reflects life. Sometimes all you need is to simply go with the flow and let the beats create and entertain the atmosphere.

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